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    New Homeowners Preserve the value of your new home

    Congrats on becoming a new homeowner! The last thing you want is to see your brand-new investment ruined by the damaging effects of hard water over time. We want to help make sure you preserve your home’s pipes and plumbing, your appliances, and your health from the moment you move in by preventing water problems before they start.

    The best place to start is to have the water in your new home analyzed by a professional. Give us a call at (210) 477-7016 to schedule a no-cost water analysis and expert consultation or follow the link below to fill out our water quality survey. One of our expert technicians will get back with you shortly!

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    Builders Program Quality homes deserve quality water

    You spend a lot of time designing the perfect home. Don’t let Texas’ hard water ruin all your effort! We work with builders just like you to create a solution that protects your homes while providing your customers with the benefits of whole-home water filtration systems & air purification systems.

    Worry no more about complaints from new buyers who don’t like the smell coming through the pipes. With our innovative solution, you can both protect your investment and offer a better product to the homebuyer.

    We offer numerous builder packages and water softener installation options that will help you show your clients what they can truly expect when they work with you.

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    Real Estate Agents Program Offer buyers the benefit of pure, clean water

    As a real estate agent, it is your job to show potential customers the perfect new home-one that has everything they want and need. Your buyers need to be convinced that all aspects of the homes you show them suit their lifestyle.

    One thing that can make you stand out among other agents is offering your buyers the benefit of great water quality. The state of Texas is known for having hard water, but potential buyers don’t always think to consider this when looking to buy a home.

    You can win them over with the added value of a water purification system, and we’re here to help with our real estate agent programs.

    Pentair Pro Elite water purification system

    Pro Elite™ from PENTAIR This state-of-the-art System is a great choice for your home. Check out some of the reasons you’ll love it:

    • Low-cost, requiring only a few pennies per day for running & maintaining this water treatment system.
    • Enjoy clean drinking water throughout your entire home—save money on bottled water.
    • Spend less on detergents & other cleaning products—research shows the average household might save up to 50%.
    • Showering & bathing with soft water is more effective, helping you feel cleaner & more refreshed.
    • Doing laundry will leave your clothes feeling softer & cleaner without damaging fabrics, which will look great and keep their colors longer.
    • Eliminate soap film and hardness residue caused by low-quality city water.
    • An effective whole-home water filter can help preserve your home’s plumbing and save on repair bills.
    • Save on your monthly energy bill, reduce your risk of leaks, and extend the life of your water heater & other appliances.

    Feel the Improvement Yourself

    With a quality water softener system, you can save money on cleaning supplies, improve your lifestyle, and feel more comfortable in your own home. The choice is clear: soft water is well worth the investment.

    Get your free water quality analysis Get a detailed report and recommendation

    Not sure about the water quality in your home? If you’re in the San Antonio area, contact us to have one of our expert technicians stop by, test your home’s water, and answer whatever questions you have–all at no cost to you. We’ll evaluate the size of your home, the number of people living there, and other factors to recommend the perfect water system for your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    The ProblemDon’t suffer from the effects of hard water

    You might think that hard water isn’t something to be too concerned about, but the truth is it’s much more than a minor inconvenience. More than just unsightly stains, the damage it causes to appliances and surfaces throughout the home is irreversible. Even if you already have a water softener system in place, you might not know what to do if your system runs into any issues. Whether you aren’t conditioning your hard water or have a water system that’s giving you problems, San Antonio Water Solutions is here to help with expert installation and maintenance. You’ll enjoy the benefits of the cutting-edge PENTAIR Pro Elite along with knowledgeable, trustworthy technicians to call if your system ever runs into any issues.
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    The Solution PENTAIR® True Blue Dealer in San Antonio, TX

    The PENTAIR Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System can handle all your hard water issues, and it only costs pennies a day to run and maintain. Our team of experts can help provide a barrier against contaminants, chemicals, minerals, and debris in your home’s water supply, so you can say “goodbye” to damaged clothes, dry skin, and start enjoying fresh, clean water. In addition, our crew at San Antonio Water Solutions provides water softener repair services for most makes and models of water purification systems.

    The Features How the Pro Elite™ outshines other water conditioners

    If you’re looking for pure water in San Antonio TX, the PENTAIR Pro Elite is the perfect solution. It operates around-the-clock to fix water issues and remove even the toughest minerals and contaminants from your water supply to ensure you always have clean water. The Pro Elite water filter & softener features smart technology with a digital control that adjusts automatically depending on current usage at your home. In addition, the Pro Elite is built with corrosion-resistant materials and has memory backups to ensure it never forgets and never fails to deliver. It only regenerates when necessary and alerts itself even when the slightest change in water quality is detected. Learn more about what sets the Pro Elite apart from other water conditioners.
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    The BenefitsWhy invest in a water softener in San Antonio?

    San Antonio Water Solutions is committed to helping you live the lifestyle you always wanted. With the Pro Elite, you can reduce your cleaning supply costs by 50% and save money on energy bills because it lets your appliances work at peak performance.

    An effective water filtration system can help your washing machine to operate more efficiently (and cut down on electricity), your clothes will last longer, and you’ll notice a positive effect on the color brightness of delicate fabrics. You can also save money on bottled water, appliance repairs, and plumbing expenses.

    With a wide service area throughout San Antonio TX and the surrounding area, we can take care water softener installation, water softener repair, or any other services you may need to fix the water problems caused by local city water. Contact us to discover why we’re the San Antonio water softener company you can count on!

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